Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Make Money and Have Fun With Bouncies from Bohemia

Our tent at the Downtown Sarasota Farmer's Market, which attracts nearly 12,000 people each Saturday during season. 

It Starts with a Smile...
    and ends with cash in your pocket

Everyone loves Bouncies! They cross all age and gender lines. From age 3 - 93, everyone is drawn to these unique, high quality, handmade little creatures from Europe. 

We have been tremendously successful at our weekly Farmer's Market in downtown Sarasota, FL. Now, you have the opportunity to have your own Bouncies Biz in your own home town. 

What we provide: 
  • Banner
  • Signage
  • Three hangers, each holding 9 Bouncies
  • Display tips
  • 100 Bouncies setting you up for success
We pick top sellers, two each, to get you started. After that, you make your own choices. 

Total cost to get started: $880 incl. s&h

What you need:  
  • A tall ladder for vertical display - $45
  • 10x10 tent - $179 or 5x8 tent like the one we have $245
  • Three short ladders for display - $25 each
  • Two or three 6' folding tables - $40 each
Grand Total for your New Business: $1,259 - $1,325

We average about $675 in sales every Saturday during the busy tourist season at our stand!

For more details just ask! 

Contact James
E-mail: info@europeanfocus.com 

 Making her selection

 Getting your Bouncies onto 'bleachers' is most effective.
Having an overwhelming selection means that no person can 
leave without choosing at least two Bouncies. 

 The sweet spot on pricing

 A tall ladder holds many Bouncies and really helps sales

Special offers are always a hit. Grandmas want to buy for all of
their grandkids and with these specially-priced Bouncies you 
can satisfy all who come to your booth. We help you with deals on 
close outs and overstocked Bouncies.